My Story

The road to health is paved with good intestines. – Sherry A. Rogers

Most people, who once lived “normal” lives, can remember the exact moment everything changed. My health journey began nearly two decades ago.

In January 2002, I dealt with, what I initially believed to be, a seasonal illness. While that illness may, or may not, have been a factor in the events of what became my journey, it seemed to kick off a series of noticeable manifestations that negatively affected my life. From that point forward, I found myself experiencing a plethora of unwanted symptoms. I felt greater and greater amounts of pain in the general area of my stomach, and specifically, my right side. Presumably due to the “illness” I quickly found that my appetite had disappeared. In its place was pain, malaise, anxiety, and a nearly indescribable inability to eat. It isn’t that I couldn’t force a bit of toast down, in fact, a few bites of toast is all I could eat. The blandness of toast is itself an anecdotal cure for “too much acid“. I had constant queasiness and lost a desire to eat. The skin under my eyes grew dark and sullen and I would seem to bloat with a drink of water.

I sought help from all the experts. My GP reviewed my symptoms studiously; indigestion; bloating; right side pain; nausea; lack of appetite. The diagnosis came quickly. I had “too much acid“. Acid Reflux or GERD to be exact. Naturally, I was prescribed the standard pack of antacids and a pat on the head. The medicine did little to change my symptoms and my issues were escalated up the allopathic ladder.

The time came to take a look inside. The prescription was now an Endoscopy. An Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine the digestive tract. The flexible tube and light made it’s way through my system and recorded what it found. The diagnosis? Nothing was “physically” wrong with me. Without visible evidence of a reason for my claimed ailments the doctors began questioning whether my symptoms were real or imagined.

The next prescription? See a Psychiatrist. No, seriously. More than once along this journey my experienced descriptions and presentable symptoms were tossed aside by the experts and my mind questioned.

It is true. Over time I have experienced panic attacks, anxiety, incessant obsessive thoughts, and sub-clinical depression. I felt constantly worried about my health. Partially from the unexplained ongoing symptoms, partially from the medical communities inability to cure, and partially from malnutrition induced moderate psychosis. I had an inability to focus. Concentration became impossible and the anxiety overwhelming. To the untrained, or incorrectly trained, these issues were to be remedied with an antidepressant and another pat on the head. I was prescribed, and took, Lexapro for several years. It quelled some “issues” and removed all of my emotion. I became a virtual zombie. Minus the desire to dine on brains. I was going through the motions of life as best I could. All the while burping and bloated. As with all pharmaceuticals, antidepressants merely mask the symptoms. The underlying issue is never addressed. This often leads to additional health problems.

After decades of research, thousands of dollars spent on innumerable doctor visits, countless blood tests/mris/ct scans, and finally personal nutritional experimentation, I now understand that these issues were not “in my head“. But, they did affect me “mentally.” They were the psychological effects of long term malabsorption of vital nutrients due to poor digestion. Specifically, I was malnourished due to low stomach acid and Bile, as well as other enzymes necessary for proper utilization of food.

Literally, the gut is the 2nd brain. It effects your emotions, thoughts and even your personality.

Eighty percent of your immune system is in your gut, and the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates, was famously quoted as saying that ” All disease begins in the gut“.

I have since learned that these emotional and psychological problems were a direct result of malnutrition, due to malabsorption of essential vitamins and nutrients. I tried hard to eat the “right things” and take the “right vitamins” but with little or no discernible benefit. You aren’t what you eat. You are what you absorb.

For six long, agonizing months, I ate little more than a piece of toast a day. My stomach pains were incessant and unbearable. I was prescribed anti-nausea and antacid medicine, to no avail. My weight plummeted to 135lbs and my hip bones began to protrude. I was wasting away. I faced an uncertain future and the thought of potential death grew daily. I distinctly remember crying out to Gd “Heal me or let me die!” Within two weeks I developed an appetite and began to be able to eat again.

Naturally, I felt as this was a miracle. And, it was, to a degree. After all, I had to eat. But, what began as a blessing, as can be the case, came with a curse.

After I “recovered” from this initial bout of poor health I quite literally “swore” to myself that, “As Gd is my witness, I will Never be Hungry Again!” My stomach issues seemed to subside, for a time. They seemed to be less pronounced when I would eat, as opposed to long periods of not eating. So I ate. And ate. If I had a perceptible hunger pang I quenched it. You may say be appetite turned from nonexistent to insatiable. What I first believed to be a “miracle“, which it was, had become a new albatross around my neck. I gained weight. A lot of weight. Over the next several years I went from 185lbs in January 2002, to 135lbs 6 months later from not being able to eat, to nearly 250lbs. And I remained so over the next decade.

I tried everything. I mean everything to lose weight. I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin. For years I tried the standard “eat less/move more” protocol for weight loss and healthy living. Just eat less calories and move more and you’ll be skinny and have no problems, right? That may work for some people, but it didn’t have much effect for me.

I exercised. I cut carbs. I tried atkins. I went keto. I did Juice fasts. For one month I walked at least 15 miles EVERY day. I didn’t lose even one pound. Focusing on a vegetable based diet with exercise produced some temporary benefit. But, the results would melt away when I resumed a “normal” diet.

I went Gluten, Dairy, and Corn free. I attempted to avoid Salicylates. I avoided nightshades. I avoided Lecthins. I followed a protocol for Leaky Gut and SIBO. I followed LOWFODMAPS. I thought I may be dealing with Histamine Intolerance. The short answer to did any of this help is: Yes. The removal and avoidance of some of these things did provide marginal relief. I noticed a weight loss and less issues with going Gluten/Dairy free. But, the benefit was minimal. One of the dilemmas of identifying your core issues is that nearly all of these presents with the same symptoms. Food intolerances and sensitivities, low stomach acid and bile, leaky gut and others result in virutally identical symptoms. That is because they are all related. One is caused by the other, which is caused by the other.

Weight gain was far from my only issue. I started to experience what seemed to be a cascade of autoimmune, annoying but thankfully medically minor, ailments. First, I developed psoriasis. Then a dermatitic allergy to nickel. Then oral erosive lichen planus. My face would brighten up with Rosacea, and I started to get “liver spots” in my early 30’s. I was hyperallegenic to the world around me.

Next, I experienced swelling of the adenoids, periorbital edema, and occasional swelling of the lymph nodes. If there was a symptom I seemed to have it. Doctors would prescribe the standard treatment with little benefit, and claim the rest were in my head. I had physical and mental symptoms who cause was indeterminant. The summation of the problems were “too much acid” and “autoimmune disease“.

For 20 years I was the sickest person who was never medically sick. Around a decade ago, my most prominent symptoms forced me to double my efforts to identify the roots of my ongoing illness. I developed chronic sinus issues which severely hindered my ability to breathe through my nose. There are many, many important health reasons why one should not desire to be a mouth breather. But, for me, it was the constant feeling that I simply had issues taking a “normal breath” through my nose. After spending thousands on ENT visits, taking antihistamines, flonase, neti pots, and an eventual septoplasty, I continued to present the same symptoms. The obstruction seemed to be in the area of the right adenoid. You may have thought that reviewing all possible causes of obstruction, including adult adenoiditis, would be thoroughly evaluated before surgery. You would be wrong.

As a child I experienced several ENT issues which resulted in tubes being placed in my ears and years of speech therapy from the inability to formulate R words caused by years of difficult hearing. Looking back I likely suffered from low stomach acid even then. GERD due to low stomach acid can cause a variety of ENT symptoms. Often, in the case of Silent GERD, one isn’t conciously aware that they are dealing with this issue. In addition to ENT symptoms, I also suffered from demineralized, or thin, tooth enamel. Again, the experts only had a few ideas as to why my enamel was so thin. Did I suck on lemons? Ummmm no. Did I throw up a lot? Was I bulimic? Ummm, no. Then it must be “genetic”. Well, thanks doc. It was D. None of the above.

My oral symptoms were due to Silent GERD caused by Low Stomach Acid brought on by blood type, genetics, and diet.

While constantly trying to find the secret I was lacking I stumbled upon The Blood Type Diet. I am A positive blood type. The information in the diet made a lot of sense. But, I was reluctant to make all of the changes required to test it. I tucked away the information in the back of my mind and carried on. Frustrated by my continued issues, I revisited the information. According to the studies, people with A positive blood type, and some others (AB), are notoriously deficient in stomach acid. That is, they often have Hypercholdira or Low Stomach Acid. One recommendation was to supplement with gastric acid in the form of Betaine HCl. Betaine HCL is a type of Hydrochloric Acid ( Stomach Acid) derived from Beets. I was apprehensive about supplementing with anything that had the word “ACID” in it. After all, I had been diagnosed with having “too much acid”. I decided to give it a try. From the very first pill I noticed a benefit. My bloating and indigestion were significantly improved. Many of my autoimmune issues began to clear up.

Now, I do not claim to have perfect health. Health is a journey. But, I believe I am on the right path. There is no “magic pill” that cures all. But, I have made discoveries that have dramatically improved my life and I am confident can benefit yours.

As part of this journey I have sought out and found a unique selection of nutritional supplements which have the potential of changing lives. The secret to health begins with proper digestion and absorption. Every disease, every ailment is a direct result of having either too much, or too little, of something. Maybe it’s a vitamin, an amino acid, or an enzyme. We are all different. But, for most of us, our problems start with our poor digestive system.

I started healing with Betaine HCL supplementation and enhanced the process with a combination of Super Enzymes and Ox Bile.

Two things I have learned is that there is no such things as good, generic medical advice. And, you aren’t what you EAT. You ARE what you ABSORB.

As part of my eVolusion I have uncovered secrets to good health, proper digestion, better absorption, and age reversal. To reach Next-Level Health we must build upon a solid foundation. A strong digestive system is that foundation.

First we RESET. We add Betaine HCl with Pepsin, Ox Bile, and a unique blend of digestive enzymes to put your system back on track. We start cleansing from the inside out with Chlorella, Spirulina, and Cilantro. Then we heal. Using Zinc, Glutamine, Slippery Elm, Axanthin, Hyraulonic Acid, Collagen, MSM and other super nutrients we RESTORE! Then with probiotics and a solid mix of nutrients we REFUEL. Of course, all of this should be done with attention to a proper diet and exercise regime.

Join #eVolusion as we retake our health and become who we were designed to be! Evolve today.